Relationship Counseling for Couples and Individuals

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Looking for Couples Therapy in Overland Park, KS?

Experienced Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Marriage and Relationships Are Hard!

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

We know and understand your pain. The relentless and gut wrenching hurt, fear, and lack of connection. Sometimes you feel hopeless and feel like nothing can help your relationship, yet you still want to try.


We listen, we care and we deliver. You have said to us “ we’ve (I) thought about going to counseling for months or years “, but procrastinated endlessly, on just a wish or a promise that things would improve” “ I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m done trying”, “ I want the pain to stop” “
Summarized, You want an experienced marriage and couples counselor. to help make your relationship work better and last forever.

BREAKFREE from the negative emotions!

You're tired of struggling, fighting, or trying to solve problems without resolve

You’re confused and wonder, “Will it work? Can it work?

You’ve had moments where you want to give up

You feel isolated, lonely, and resentful

You may feel you’ve wasted years of your life and have many regrets.

Yes, marriage counseling and couples therapy is hugely beneficial

happy white middle aged

Enjoy the time you spend together

Laugh more

Get your needs met

Feel heard, felt, wanted, and seen

Resolve conflict more easily

Come back together more peaceful (peaceably)

Know when to assert your needs and when to compromise

Have deeper physical and emotional intimacy

In-person and Virtual
Traditional and Intensive Sessions
Confidential and Private
Weekend Intensives

Your pathway to healthy stable, peaceful and lasting love