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"Six weeks ago, I was ready to end my marriage of 26 years. We've been together for 32 years and have had very poor communication. There has been infidelity and decisions to invite others into our intimate settings. We were at a complete disconnect and with Debra's help we've been able to find hope in what felt like 'our hopeless situation'."

"The simple beginners communication tools Debra  shared with us, thus far, has change us tremendously.

"When her continued services, I am confident that we can have a long-lasting marriage."


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I initially had unknown expectations out of couples therapy. Each session, I would feel nervous and anxious before each session but afterwards, I would feel much better. A good way to put it, before each session, I would have psychological dirty laundry but afterward I would feel as though my clothes were clean, pressed and folded neatly.                                  Male ,  4/11/2023

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Problematic Sports betting

I came in to see Ms. Debra for gambling and infidelity a couple months ago. Seeing what is really important in my life has definitely been eye-opening. Changing the way I  think and changing my thoughts and energy in a different direction has helped me tremendously. This is a work in process, but it (counseling ) is definitely helping my work and home life.                                      Adult male Sept  2022

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