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Due to patient confidentiality and privacy, the names of patients are not used in testimonies.

" Six weeks ago, I was ready to end my marriage of ___ years. We've been together for ____ years and have had very poor communication.  There has been infidelity and decisions to invite others into our intimate settings.  We were at a complete disconnect and with Debra's help we've been able to find hope in what felt like 'our hopeless situation'."

The simple beginners tools for communication she's shared with us thus far, has change us tremendously.

When her continued services, I am confident that we can have a longlasting marriage.


"When we first agreed to see Debra, I felt it was the beginning of the end of my marriage. After going to a couple of sessions, I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Debra gave us a guiding light to the right path"

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" I feel like I am more attentive to my children"

I used to struggle financially due to my gambling problem. I wasn’t prepared for medical issues. I had severe anxiety about money. I'd go to the casino to win money but would lose.

After a couple of years of counseling and learning to use a spending plan, I'm much better off financially. Now, I feel at ease. I don't have to borrow money. I'm proud that I can pay the bills and not have to stress.