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"In our couples discussions, there have been numerous instances of little irritants in our relationship that have been addressed and made our home life sweeter and easier."


Working with Debra, "I feel like we have learned how to avoid communication roadblocks and take a step back when conflict arises. I feel like I am better able to disengage from my emotions and look at a situation as it is. I feel like my husband listens and takes me into consideration much more."

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"Debra has changed my life in a great number of ways. One of the most appreciated metamorphoses has included changing my dietary and exercise habits to match my fresh outlook on life. I have more energy and a drive to improve my overall health in ways I never thought possible. I will always carry with me the tools with which Debra has armed me in this next chapter in life."

I used to struggle financially due to my gambling problem. I wasn’t prepared for medical issues. I had severe anxiety about money. I'd go to the casino to win money but would lose.

After a couple of years of counseling and learning to use a spending plan, I'm much better off financially. Now, I feel at ease. I don't have to borrow money. I'm proud that I can pay the bills and not have to stress.