Pathways To Empowerment

Relationships & Couples

"I regularly help couples find strategies to build up their relationship instead of break up. Helping couples rekindle the love and desire necessary for a lasting, satisfying life together is at the heart of work as a counselor."

Problem Gambling

"For the past 18 years, I have enjoyed working with individuals and loved ones struggling with the devastating financial and emotional effects of problem gambling. I teach problem gamblers of all types to stop gambling and find tangible relief and lasting hope of living without taking that next bet."

You Are Not Alone!

Depression and Anxiety

"Daily, I help many clients find improved energy, motivation and focus. If your depression, anxiety or stress level is getting worse; if you are having stress related health problems (trouble breathing, sleeping or stress eating); if you have racing and ruminating thoughts, we can work together to help you learn strategies to feel relief. My clients learn at-home and at-work strategies to strengthen their ability to positively cope and enjoy life again."

Debra Neal

A licensed clinical professional counselor, LCPC, nationally certified gambling counselor, and certified substance abuse counselor who has a strong mission to serving others with proven, practical, and motivational methods.

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More about Debra

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