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Couples Therapy After Infidelity

Looking for a counselor specializing in infidelity counseling after an affair in Overland Park, KS?

Move beyond the pain of infidelity and betrayal
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Marriage counseling and couples therapy after infidelity:

A practical approach from problem to the solution

The pain of infidelity and betrayal, whether in a committed relationship or marriage, often ridden with enormous short and long term emotional discord and negative emotional overtones. The breach of trust, the deep hurt, and the unbending anger commonly lead to divorce or breakup.


“Pressure burst pipes” as the expression goes. Coping with the untold water damage from a burst of water pipes and the consequential repairs can be costly.  Mounting, unresolved pressure in your relationship due to infidelity or betrayal issues result in a long, slow or rapid progression to a divorce or breakup.


Infidelity Counseling Recovery


Your pain is deep. We have been in the trenches with individuals and couples struggling with romantic and love relationship issues for 25 years.

Fact: An experienced therapist helps you, turn endless, unnecessary self struggling on their own to handle the devastating aftermath of an affair.


Fact: Couples can rebuild, restore, recover and re-ignite their relationship after an affair.


Fact: Talking about the struggles, the pain and the healing with an experienced, non partisan professional can be extremely valuable in the repair and reparation process      


Debra has had a front row seat to lives, the voices, and the struggles of  many  dealing with the pain of relationship cheating.

Infidelity Counseling Tools

Looking for specifics?


Here is a peek into a few of Debras infidelity rebuilding themes:


• The Yes and No Fidelity Agreement

• Defining, rethinking infidelity and cheating

• Building Your Personal Boundary App

• The Hurt Partners Plan

• The Unfaithful Partners Plan

• Walk away from or running toward yourself and your integrity 


Together we work on rebuilding a new foundation of secure trust, love, and lasting commitment.


Be free and complete in your healing process:


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Don't Give Up!  Move past your painful problems and learn how to make your love last.

Debra specializes in working with couples who want to recommit to the bonds of the satisfying relationship and recapture the love once enjoyed.

Counseling Options

10 Session Package

20 Session Package

Weekend Intensive Package:

Friday 6pm-9pm and Saturday 9am-11am

Many couples want to get behind infidelity as soon as possible.


Debra is available for individuals and couples at a convenient location in Overland Park, with flexible appointment scheduling.