Lets Talk about Sex!!!

Lets Talk about Sex!!!

SEX- Lets talk about sex and sexual intimacy in your committed relationship.

More specifically, when was the last time you and your partner had a non-defensive, tension free, and open conversation about sex and sexuality?  To have a warm, productive conversation about your concerns, needs, feelings and desires about sex may be rare and more difficult to work through than we would like to admit.

Your intention, one moment, to have healthy and skillful communication about relationship problems can easily turn into unwanted friction, tension, and a first class argument.—Yet again.  A sensitive subject to avoid.

Decades of research show the following: 1- Romantic relationships are vital to our physical health and psychological well-being 2- Despite the importance of sex for relationships, couples face numerous, ongoing challenges to having and maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship. 

The result, a serious decline or loss of sexual intimacy in most or many couples.

Fact: lack of conflict resolution skills problems is one of the top reasons why couples divorce or break up: Another very much related reason is lack of emotional, physical and sexual intimacy.

Learning healthy communication skills coupled with learning how to talk about sex, sexuality, and intimacy issues creates positive pathways for possibilities, workability and satisfaction in your committed relationship.

Consider seeking  confidential consultation, counseling, or coaching to address your sex and sexuality concerns with a therapist that specializes in relationship issues and comfortable helping individuals and couples find a pathway to a sustable resolution….a healthy, sexually satisfying romantic partnership.

Start your new pathway forward today.