Need Counseling After An Affair?

Let’s Get It Done!

When an affair is discovered, both the person having an affair and their marriage partner want immediate relief. I recently had a married  couple say, “A 50-minute session once a week just isn’t cutting it!”

You are probably right. Once an affair is discovered, both parties are longing for some relief and both want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One of the fastest ways to accomplish that is to schedule “Dual Sessions.” A dual session is actually 2 sessions, back-to-back. Of course, you get at least twice as much accomplished… and sometimes even more. And while the cost doubles, so does the speed of recovery and relief.

For special situations, I sometimes do “intensives.” Intensives are 3-12 hours of sessions over 1-3 days. It is a great approach for those with great anxiousness and the desire to get the past behind them quickly. 

If you feel either the dual sessions or intensives would be best for you, let’s discuss it. We want to do what is best for your marriage.

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