Interracial Couples

Interracial Couple's Counseling

Are you currently pursuing or plan on pursuing a relationship with someone of a different race, culture, ethnicity, or religion?

It's important to be realistic about the relationship and think about both the challenges and benefits of the relationship. Don't be mistaken. There are still people who feel that interracial dating and marriage is wrong. Prepare yourself by talking to experts, learning how to thrive in your relationship.

Debra has extensive history helping interracial couples tackle common challenges, providing effective counseling and guidance to couples.  Counseling can provide a better perspective of the challenges you're experiencing. You can benefit from a free consultation and the counseling options available below. 


Counseling Options:

  • 10 Session Package
  • 20 Session Package
  • Weekend Intensive Package: Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 9am-1pm
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