Infidelity Counseling

"Universally forbidden, yet universally practiced." - Ester Perel

Restoring, Rebuilding and Recapturing Fidelity

The pain of infidelity and betrayal whether in a committed relationship or marriage can be ridden with long term emotional pain and a negative consequence.

The breach of trust, deep hurt, and unbending anger commonly lead to divorce; some couples decide to stay together living with trust issues and lost love.

Debra specializes in working with couples who want to recommit to the bonds of the satisfying relationship and recapture the love once enjoyed.

Don't Give Up!

The Restoring, Rebuilding and Recapturing Fidelity curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Re-conceptualizing Infidelity and Cheating
  • Building Boundaries and Resilience
  • Talking and Listening with Intention Strategies


Gain tools, processes, and strategies.

Learn a step by step process for success and progress.



  • Deeper connection and closeness
  • Knowing about trust and trustworthiness
  • Talk less about the past and more about the present
  • Express thoughts and emotions more openly, clearly, and genuinely
  • Recognize healthy boundaries like fidelity and trust

Counseling options:

  • 10 Sessions
  • 20 Sessions
  • Intensive

Many couples want to get behind infidelity as soon as possible.

Available for individual and couples at a convenient location in Overland Park, with flexible appointment scheduling


For an appointment, call (816) 805-0732 or email