Compulsive Debting

Compulsive Debt Counseling


For over 20 years, Debra has worked with individuals struggle with financial stress and debt related to substance use and compulsive behaviors like sex/pornography addiction, problem gambling, and compulsive spending.   

Make no mistake! Compulsive debting is a life-crippling condition.

However, the promise of change is available for you today.  You can find hope, help, and relief from the crippling burden of compulsive debting.

Specializing in helping people change, Debra offers a comprehensive set of tools that includes setting and using a spending plan and a debt repayment plan.

Pathways to Empowerment offers a structured, step by step package of proven, practical, and sustainable processes/resources.

Program includes:

  • Consultation only
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Compulsive Spending and Compulsive Debting Recovery 

For hope and healing, call (816) 805-0732