Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

For the past 20 years, Debra has worked with individuals and families who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Alcohol
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Prescription Medication

Debra offers work with two types of individuals:

    1. Persons who want to quit using alcohol and drugs altogether. Have you had repeated unsuccessful attempts to control, cut back or quit alcohol or drugs on your own? Have you had repeated negative alcohol or drug-related consequences in relationships, jobs, education or health?
    2. Persons who are not yet ready to quit but want to drink or use drugs with less harmful, painful consequences. Have you had alcohol-related legal, relationship or work performance problems? Do you use drugs or alcohol more often and for longer periods of time than intended?

Debra provides two approaches:

  • The Abstinence Model
  • The Harm Reduction Model


Counseling Options:

  • 10 Sessions
  • 20 Sessions
  • Intensive

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