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Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

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  • For the past 20 years, Debra has worked with individuals and families who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Problem Drinking
  • Illicit Drug Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Dependence

Debra offers counseling for two types of individuals:

  1.  People who want to quit using alcohol and drugs altogether.
      • Have you had repeated unsuccessful attempts to control, cut back or quit alcohol or drugs on your own?
      • Have you had repeated negative alcohol or drug-related consequences in relationships, jobs, education or health?


  2.  People who are not yet ready to quit but want to drink or use drugs with less harmful, painful consequences.           
      • Have you had alcohol-related legal, relationship or work performance problems?  
      • Do you use drugs or alcohol more often and for longer periods of time than intended?

Debra's Modalities Include:

  • The Abstinence Model
  • The Harm Reduction Model

Counseling Options:

  • 10 Session Package
  • 20 Session Package
  • Weekend Intensive: Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 9am-1pm