Relationships and Couples

Couples and Relationships

Feeling stuck in your marriage?
Feeling deep hurt, resentment, and dissatisfaction in your relationship?
Falling out of love?
Dealing with infidelity and extramarital affairs?
Are you tired of feeling alone and isolated in your partnership?

Don't Give Up

Debra loves helping couples struggling with their relationship in ways that threaten breakup and divorce. For the past twenty years, her primary role has been helping many couples re-engage and re-invigorate their relationship.

If you have had repeated unsuccessful attempts to fix your marital problems on your own and are ready to try what has worked well for others, Debra has proven tools and a step by step process renewing your relationship.

Benefits that clients report from working with Debra:

  •          Reduce of reverse the arguing and not talking to each other cycle
  •          Increase your talking skills so the other person actually listens
  •          Strengthen listening skills so the other person will open up and talk
  •          Strengthen confidence and techniques to solving problems
  •          Raise the bar on working together in partnership

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Don't Give UP