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Infidelity Counseling

Move Beyond Your Pain of Infidelity and Betrayal

Discover an infidelity counseling one-day intensive workshop to start healing your wounds of betrayal.

You've been unhappy for a long time.

You've likely been dealing with the hurt, infidelity, and betrayal on your own for a long time.

The trauma and the distrust can create a never-ending cycle that impacts your everyday living.

Infidelity can rock the very foundation of a relationship, leaving feeling unsure of the future. The emotional turmoil and confusion can be overwhelming, making it difficult to question whether you're relationship will even survive. Without proper guidance and support, the wounds of infidelity can deepen as you continue to try the same approaches and methods to fix this.



Sound familiar?

You've exhausted every approach to try and fix your relationship but it hasn't worked. 

As the betrayed partner you feel the truth will never come out.

As the betrayer, you wonder why your partner can't move past it.

Your relationships are riddled with tension, conflict and arguments.

You don't know how to have a healthy, loving, lasting relationship.

Healing seems impossible.

Ready to heal your pain with guided help?

One-Day Intensive Couples Counseling Workshop


For couples who are in crisis and chaos mode or who want their life back now, we offer infidelity and betrayal counseling.

Our one-day intensive couples counseling workshop offers couples a jumpstart to accelerate their progress, stabilize their marriage or relationship, and develop a plan to heal wounds and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Using a proven affair recovery system for couples, Pathways to Empowerment offers you guidance and tools that have helped hundreds of couples find ways to discover a more resilient, stronger-than-ever lifelong partnership.

Discover the marriage and couples therapy you've been waiting for.

Find more peace, security, and connection in your relationship with yourself and your partner.

Gain clarity and control in thinking, emotions, and reactions.

Move forward with a renewed sense of commitment and understanding.

Rebuild trust and intimacy in your relationship.

Take the first step towards healing. Call today to get started.

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Real Stories of Healing and Renewal

"Six weeks ago, I was ready to end my marriage of 26 years. We've been together for 32 years and have had very poor communication. There has been infidelity and decisions to invite others into our intimate settings. We were at a complete disconnect and with Debra's help we've been able to find hope in what felt like 'our hopeless situation’."

"Before I met Debra, I thought there was no resolution to my problems with my spouse. Just meeting with her for a few sessions made me feel better and opened my eyes to how I can manage our ( me and my spouse)  challenges better. "

Debra Neal Overland Park Therapist (1)

Meet Debra Neal

Licensed Marriage & Couples Therapist

Debra Neal helps couples and individuals get more of what they need and want out of their relationship.

Watching couples calmly talk through conflict, and gain renewed hope, and trust in their relationship is both my joy and my job. Seeing smiling faces and relaxed body language as couples leave and arrive at sessions is a validation of our work together. As a licensed, experienced couples and relationship counselor, I help others repair, stabilize, and revitalize their relationship with themselves and others by working successfully on their painfully exhausting problems with new habits and tools. My aim is to be a difference maker and bring the best of the best tools and methods to each session. Getting the desired results for your relationship goals is our primary focus.

Helping Couples in Overland Park, Leawood, and the Greater Kansas City Metro

Flexible sessions including intensive and traditional options.

Convenient appointment options and exclusive weekend sessions.

Proven strategies rooted in evidence-based tools & methods.

Your Pathway to Empowerment starts here.

Are you ready to start your journey of healing and growth?

Whether you are the betrayed or the betrayer, there's no need to struggle and suffer for years with the discord of broken trust, intimacy, and pain. Contact us today to schedule marriage and couples counseling and take the first step toward healing.