How to Choose a Marriage Therapist

(if you or your spouse has had an affair)

Chances are, if you or your spouse has had an affair… or multiple affairs… your marriage needs some help. The therapist you choose may have a huge impact on your marriage counseling results!

According to Therapists Consultants, one of the largest consulting firms in the therapy profession, choosing the right therapist is the single most important decision you will make regarding your marriage’s success.

So which therapist is the right one for you? According to Therapist Consultants, it is the therapist who specializes in marriage’s where one or both of the partners has had an affair. Why go to a generalist who treats any marriage problem when you can work with a therapist who specializes in the affair-ridden practice? Go with a proven therapist… one with experience and education in dealing with the marriage who has experienced an affair.

That is where I come in! A large portion of my practice is devoted to marriages where one person has an affair. I know the techniques and procedures that will give your marriage the best chance. I understand the guilt and stress of the person who has been unfaithful and the shattered faith of the other party too. I employ special procedures to help both people in the marriage.

Marriages can and do succeed after an affair. They can even be stronger than before the affair. Right now, each of you wants some relief and I feel I can point you in the right direction. Consider the consequences of a failed marriage and the happiness of a successful recovery. Now is the time to make the move.

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