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Motivation Interviewing: Enhancing Engagement and Retention 

          “A highly provocative, evidenced based method for increasing outcomes”


Motivational interviewing is one of the most effective therapeutic approaches used today to enhance client engagement and client retention in substance abuse, mental health, and health care settings. It is especially effective in working with addictive disorders.


Longitudinal research data show Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a particularly effective intervention method for working with “change resistant” clients.  The interpersonal techniques of MI used strategically to evoke change talk, explore and reduce ambivalence, and elicit change behaviors.


Goal-oriented and highly focused, MI is a subtle but powerful balance between directive and client-centered therapeutic interaction.


Session Outcomes


1.     Learn key benefits of Motivational Interviewing

2.     Learn underlying principles of MI

3.     Gain effective strategies for examining and resolving ambivalence

4.     Practice MI intervention methods and gain skills for implementation

5.     Understand the differences between MI and other techniques


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