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Interracial Marriage Counseling

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Pathways to Empowerment and Debra Neal provides Interracial Marriage Counseling for couples struggling regularly with communication, conflict, and undue tension.

Like most relationships, interracial romantic relationships are fulfilling and satisfying yet uniquely stressful. Whether in a committed relationship, marriage, or casually dating, many cross racial couples are not as prepared for the depth of serious issues that threaten sustained intimacy, connection and commitment. 

Effective, proven, and practical solutions for healthy couple-ships combined with cultural and racial considerations are part of Debra's Better Solutions program

According to the latest US Census bureau,
1 in 10 marriages are interracial. 2017 totals
are much growing. Interracial couples, opposite
and same sex, are a fast growing population of
those finding undeniable love, passion, sexual
compatibility and friendship.

Are you getting tired of constant tension and disagreement?
Are you close to the final breakup?
Struggling with 

         Parenting and Child Rearing Disagreements?
         Family and In-Law Issues?
         Anger, resentment, and hurt?
         Financial stress?

Pathways to Empowerment Better Solutions Program can help.  Debra has twenty plus year's working with relationships, cultural competence and cross cultural communications.
Her specializing is preparing people to change and getting results for continued and sustained better living


Individual and Couples Sessions
Private, confidential, personal
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